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Wintech Digital Systems Technology Corp. is a DSP and DLP® Development Company that specializes in DSP development platforms and custom DLP® optical engine design and manufacturing. Wintech has been in the electronics engineering industry for nearly 20 years and has serviced more than 10,000 customers worldwide. During this time we have developed numerous partner relationships and a unique supply chain that caters to both high and low volume customer needs. By leveraging our global supply chain, Wintech is able to deliver custom products faster and at lower prices than our competitors. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

 Wintech has a strong internal R&D capability as more than 90% of ourstaffare engineers. We also possess a strong project management team that thrives on delivering products on time. Wintech’s electronics expertise has earned multiple patents and has resulted in the publication of numerous books on the topic of DSP. Wintech has offices and distributors in the U.S., China, Asia, and Europe. Our distributors can be found in Korea, Japan, Israel, India, Germany, England and Taiwan. If you are interested in becoming a Wintech distributor, please contact Market@DSPChina.com