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  • PRO6500 Optical Engine

    PRO6500是一款基于TI DLP6500 DMD芯片的光机,它不仅包含DLP6500数字微镜模块(DMD)、DLPC900控制模块,还包含LED光源模块和镜头组件。它是一款高性能且可灵活操作的光学平台,将DLP技术广泛应用于各种光处理应用中。该产品为开发高分辨率、高光通量和高亮度方面的应用如3D

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  • PRO4500——DLP4500工业级光学投影模块

    闻亭PRO4500开发套件是一款针对工业领域应用、基于闻亭LightCrafter4500 DLP的可编程光学设备,采用TI的0.45寸DMD芯片高达912×1140的物理分辨率,可支持150流明和500流明的封装。套件尺寸210×84×54mm,PRO4500VIS 是专门针对三维扫描、测量、检测

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  • LightCrafter4500 EVM

    The DLP® LightCrafter™ 4500 development module provides a flexible light steering solution with high brightness and resolution for industrial, medical and scientific applications. DLP LightCrafter 4500 features the 0.45 WXGA chipset and offers a compelling combination of resolution, brightness, and programmability in a small form factor.

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  • Discovery4100 optical engine module

    DLP Discovery 4100 is a high performance and high flexibility of the development kit, the DLP can be integrated into various applications in optical technology. This high performance, including the ultra fast graphics for exposure and image capture, can be realized in the industry's competitive cycle time. Discovery 4100 supports DLP7000 and DLP950

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