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Wintech W4100


The Wintech W4100 development kit provides users with a lower cost alternative to the Texas Instruments DLP® DiscoveryTM 4100 kit. The W4100 is a drop in replacement to the D4100. It utilizes the same Virtex 5 LX50 Applications FPGA and provides users with the same data and developer interfaces found on the DLP® Discovery 4100 electronics board. By using the same hardware and components found on the D4100, the W4100 is capable of the same frame rates (up to 32,552 fps) and grayscale operation. The W4100 is compatible with all of the D4100 Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD) from TI including the 0.55" and 0.7" XGA as well as the 0.95" 1080p. These DMD devices are available in UV, VIS, and NIR configurations to meet all of your reflectivity needs. Since the W4100 is a drop in replacement for the DLP® Discovery 4100, it is also compatible with the Explorer Starter GUI and software that is available for download on Texas Instruments DLP KnowledgeBase.

The W4100 includes the W4100 electronics PCB, DMD of choice, flex cable DMD board, power supply and access to the Texas Instruments KnowledgeBase. The W4100 kit is ideal for industries such as structured light, maskless lithography, and microscopy.


The system block diagram

Application field

Product list

The DLP Wintech W4100 features include:

Key Features DLP7000 DLP9500 DLP7000UV DLP9500UV
Wavelength Range 400-700 nm 400-700 nm 363-420 nm 363-420 nm
Micromirror Array Size 1024 x 768 1920 x 1080 1024 x 768 1920 x 1080
Display Resolution XGA 1080p XGA 1080p
Micromirror Array Diagonal (inch) 0.7 0.95 0.7 0.95
Micromirror Pixel Pitch (µm) 13.6 10.8 13.6 10.8
Maximum Binary Pattern/Second 32,552 23,148 32,552 23,148
Data Rate (GB/s) 25.6 48 25.6 48
Micromirror Tilt Angle (degrees) +/-12
Clock Rate (MHz) up to 400
Fill Factor >91%

DMD Options

  • DLP9500 - 0.95" 1080p 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
  • DLP7000 - 0.7" XGA 2xLVDS Type-A DMD
  • For UV capabilities, email chenhf@dspchina.com

DLPA200 - DMD Micromirror Driver

  • Generates reset control of 16 banks of DMD mirrors

DLPC410 - DLP Discovery 4100 DMD Controller

  • Provides high speed 2xLVDS data and control interface
  • Drives mirror reset and timing information to the DLPA200
  • Supports random row addressing

DLPR410 - DLP Discovery 4100 Configuration PROM

  • Supports data transfer up to 33 Mbps
  • Used to configure the DLPC410

This flexible kit allows users the freedom to develop almost any light processing application by driving the DLP Chip using a variety of different communication interfaces, such as:

  • USB 2.0
  • Avent EXP
  • 64-bit DDR2 SODIMM DRAM
  • Many multipurpose I/O

Kit dimensions

  • Controller board: 190 mm (7.5 inches) x 98.5 mm (3.9 inches)
  • DLP chipset remote board: - 101.6 mm (4 inches) x 82.6 mm (3.75 inches)

Comparison chart between the W4100 and Texas Instruments DLP®  Discovery 4100

  DLP Discovery 4100 Wintech W4100
Binary Max Frame Rate 32,552/24,150 32,552/24,150
FPGA Board Form Factor 7.500 x 3.878 in. 7.500 x 3.878 in.
Flex Cable and DMD Board Included Yes Yes
DLP Chipset 2xLVDS 2xLVDS
Applications FPGA Virtex 5 LX 50 Virtex 5 LX 50
Memory Capacity 4 GB 2 GB
Memory Speed 150 MHz 150 MHz (optional 300MHz)
Memory Type DDR2 DDR2
Data Interfaces USB 2.0 and EXP USB 2.0 and EXP
FPGA/Debug Interfaces JTAG and Mictor JTAG and Mictor
Compatible with Explorer Software Yes Yes
Compatible with SDK4100 Yes Yes
Compatible with ALP High Speed Yes


Selection/Product Guides




Medical and Life Sciences
DLP Lithography (PCB, LCD Panel, CtP)
DLP Structured Light (3D Metrology)
DLP Spectroscopy (Raman)                                                        
DLP Microscopy (Confocal, Selective Plane)
Flight Simulation (MFD, EFIS, SVS)


DLP Rapid Prototyping (Photopolymer Curing)
Optical Networking (ROADM)
Holographic Data Storage
3D Display
Augmented Reality


-          DMD 装配模组                            (×1)

-          闻亭W4100控制板                        (×1)

-          1GB DDR2内存条                         (×1)

-          V5系列Flex 高密度柔性数据电缆              (×1)

-          USB电缆                                    (×1)

-          电源                                          (×1)

-          定位柱                                        (×4)

-          APPSFPGA散热片                           (×2)

-          W4100 开发光盘CD                       (×1)

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