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  • PRO4500&PRO6500

    三维测量、三维扫描 机器视觉、机器拾取与放置 质量检测、表面检测 医学测量、牙齿测量 血管显影、指纹识别、人脸识别 3D打印 智能显示、虚拟现实 光谱分析、化学分析 质量检测、水质检测 食品检测、食油检测 光网络、波长选择开关

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  • Wintech Join in the TI(Texas Instrument) China Education Conference

    In 2015,Texas instruments held the China Education Conference about embedded technology in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ,Wintech was invited to this event and showed the newest DSP Devices, ARM Processor, DLP LightCrafter4500

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