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  • 1996

    1996,Wintech was founded.

  • 2008

    Mar 2008,TI C2000 Programmer Released

    Sep 2008,Become a value-added distributor of TI DLP

    Oct 2008,Developing TI DM 355 based IP Camera

    Dec 2008,Developing TI DM 355 based DVR

  • 2009

    May 2009,Publish Intel ATOM based Muti-media Phone

    Sep 2009,Developing TI DM6467 based DVR

    Oct 2009,Wintech NSP-4.0 kit Released

  • 2010

    Oct 2010,DLP controller Wintech W4100 Released

  • 2013

    Mar 2013,TI DLP LightCrafter4500 Released

    August 2013,DLC9500P24 Optical controller Released.

  • 2014

    Feb 2014,TI DLP based PRO4500VIS Optical Engine Released

    May 2014,UV 405nm Optical Engine DLP PRO4500UV Released

    Oct 2014,Set up a Optical Lens development in Hefei,China

  • 2015

  • 2016