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Electric custom service

Beijing Wen Department of Systems Technology Development Co. Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise, is TI (TI) DSP between the third parties, has always been committed to the embedded system application technology development, product promotion and technical services. 2008 is authorized by TI company for DLP product IDH, began to focus on DLP technology research, research areas include: electronics, optics, light source, thermal management, hardware design, software design, structural design, etc..
At present, the company is mainly engaged in the smell of IC trade, DLP industrial grade light curing 3D printing projection module development, three-dimensional measurement of projection module development, industrial lens customization, SLR Lens customization business. The development of products and well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers have carried out in-depth cooperation, Autodest, EnvisionTec, 3D light cured printer 3D System and other top international manufacturers are using the company's DLP projection module production 3D printer.
Can provide a variety of customized electronic services:
Industrial projection lens customization
Industrial camera lens customization
SLR camera lens custom
3D print optical engine custom
DLP control module customization
If any of the above requirements, or DLP related optoelectronic customized needs, welcome to inquire.